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You deserve a CPA that does more than just manage the books. TrueBooks can help you transform your tax liabilities into investment opportunities.

Work Smarter, Get Richer.

Running a business is hard enough. Don't make it harder by "winging it" when it comes to taxes.

Pay less in taxes by maximizing all the available deductions.
Make smarter decisions when your books are clean & organized.
Purchase more assets while reducing your total tax liability.
Get more deals by focusing on what you're best at. We'll do the rest.
Eliminate risks by always being compliant and up to date.
Profit more now that you know your numbers & how to use them.

The World is Changing, Let's Get Your Business Ready.


Goodbye Accountant, Hello Advisor.

Skip the learning and start earning more today. TrueBooks will step in as your very own CFO.

Bookkeeping: Keep your books up to date so you're never behind.
Compliance: File your tax returns on time with accuracy.
Strategy: Proactive planning that helps you pay less (sometimes zero) in taxes.
Scale: Identify growth opportunities by knowing your numbers.
Experts: We know your industry.
Support: Have questions about your tax or accounting situations? We got you.
For small businesses & startups

4-Week Tax Intensive

Learn & Implement world class tax training, systems and templates.

Live Coaching & Q&A: Live training & Q&A via Zoom 2x week (4 weeks) + live calls 2x month for a year.
Strategy: Implement strategies our clients use to pay zero in tax.
Plug & Play Templates: Implement the same tools & templates we use.
Get Legit: Free S-Corp election for your LLC.
Best Practices: Save yourself from making costly mistakes.
Video Library: Instant access to all recorded trainings & coaching calls.

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Meet the Executive Team

Ryan Pineda
Owner & Real Estate Investor

As I built my real estate business, I never had time to manage the books. I was more focused on finding deals and getting projects finished. I was successful doing it that way for a long time, but I knew I needed to know my true numbers in order to scale my business.

For years I went through multiple CPA’s. I wanted someone that understood my needs as a real estate investor. They needed to give me my KPI’s, understand my entity structure, get me every write off possible, and most importantly be responsive! It wasn’t until I met Matt, that I found someone that could do all those things.

Together we solved the issues I had been working so hard to resolve. I finally know my true numbers and have been able to make more profitable decisions. I know many real estate investors face the same issues I once had. The good news is, the search is over. TrueBooks is here to help.

Matt Bontrager
CPA & Managing Partner

Money and real estate have always been a passion of mine. I started my career in the banking industry. After graduating college I went to work at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, Deloitte to 'earn my stripes' and later became a CPA. During this time I was able to buy my first home when I was 23 years old.

After working with Ryan and other real estate investors, I’ve learned that even the best investors need a lot of help on the accounting side. They are so busy taking action and making deals happen, that they fail to maintain proper books. This ends up costing them so much in the long run. Not only do their tax preparation costs increase, but more importantly they’re not able to make the best decisions throughout the year because they don't know their current financials.

I’m excited to help investors across the country understand their numbers, make better decisions for their business, and save as much money as possible come tax time.

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